Wednesday, April 28, 2010


just some random pictures of my precious nephew, noah! (and one of noah and his sissy makayla!)

he's getting so big and changing so much! he truly is the happiest baby i've ever been around. he smiles and laughs at everything... it's sooo cute! i love him SO much!!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

i don't know how it happened, but last july i opened my mailbox and found this...

this was the beginning of something magical! like i said, i don't know how it happened, but the "vegetarian times" magazine showed up in my mailbox with MY name on it! and every month since then it's appeared in my mailbox! HOW? WHY? i don't know! but every issue is packed full of recipes and stories from other readers. it's GREAT!

a year's subscription is only $14.95, but *I* (thanks for the * tip keri :) ) did not pay $14.95 for this. is this stealing? lol! could the vegetarian gods just be smiling down on me? did someone buy this for me as a gift and not tell me? i don't know who would do that since most everyone i know doesn't agree with my choice to be a vegetarian, but you never know?! every time it comes to me i get excited all over again. i don't know when this love affair will end, but i will enjoy it every month while it lasts!!!

here's a random curious question... how did i get a bruise on my finger in the middle of typing this? this bruise was NOT here before but i just looked down and there it is...

hmmmm interesting... and painful!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

if you were in my head...

whenever someone asks me to describe myself in one word i never hesitate to give an answer, it's easy... random. i'm one of the most random people I know anyway. see, here's a random thought i just had... since i hate using CAPS unless it's to emphasize something, how can i really drill home that i'm emphasizing "I" because it's only one letter... and it should be capitalized anyway... when i said "i'm one the most random people I know anyway" i was emphasizing the I, but i bet you didn't even realize it did ya? but i digress... (did i even use "i digress" properly there? i'm sure keetha the teacha (see how that rhymed there... i'm so crafty) will be able to tell me!!!)SOO, i'm random, i have a million crazy thoughts go through my head at a million crazy miles per hour. at one point i had a notebook and every time i had a crazy thought, i wrote it down... but then i started having random thoughts in the middle of writing down the last crazy thought and it all just got too confusing!

i have all kinds of silly things pop in my head, but ever since i was a teenager and possibly younger, there is one that never seems to bore me. so i've decided to take to my boring blog and see how many of you out there have had this thought as well.... here it is: alright, when i'm speaking in spanish (which is pretty much always... or not) i say something and then i translate it in my head in to english. i say "si" i think "yes". but it's soooo odd to me that spanish or hispanic people say "si" and they just think "si". how do they KNOW that si means yes? how do they KNOW that como esta means how are you if they aren't saying "how are you" in their heads. it's just way to weird to me! and it has baffled me for many years... it's one of the many wonders of my world, i have to admit!

next in line in the wonderment department is words and their meanings in general. why and how did words become the words they are? why is field "field" and not "ship"? you know like, "that punter just kicked the ball the entire length of the football ship". i dont' get it. or football... why isn't it salad instead? "how many yards are there in a salad ship?" it really baffles me! and then there are just words that i don't even think should get to exist at all like "indubitably". what? really? how did that word ever come about? i can only imagine what the look the first person to ever say that word got when they said it... the other person was clearly thinking "uhhh, i don't think so, kitty cat. that's not a word!" but somehow it managed to take off and now it means something along the lines of being so obvious that you can't deny it's true... or something like that! how do i go about making up a word? THAT'S what i would really like to know!

anywho, these are just a couple of things that i had on my mind and thought i'd share with everyone else. i know i can't be the only person in the world that has thought these things before... so come on, tell me... what random things do YOU think about?!

Monday, October 19, 2009

noah evan clark

wow, i might officially be the world's worst blogger. i haven't had much to talk about but i do today!!!!!

on october 9th at 4:01pm my nephew, noah evan clark, finally made his grand entrance in to the world!!!

and now prepare yourself for all the pictures i'm about to force on you! :)

noah evan, 7lbs. 5oz. 21 inches. he was so tiny but so long!

proud big sissy, my niece makayla!

daddy can always make him feel better!!

well i didn't make you suffer through THAT many pictures. believe me i have LOTS that i could have posted but i tried to be selective! hope you enjoyed meeting noah as much as i did!!! :)

Thursday, August 6, 2009


2004 Pontiac Grand Prix GT2- $9500

This car is fully loaded: leather, heated seats, sunroof, heads up display (can be dimmed and/or turned off), premium sound, anti-lock brakes, 6 way power driver seats, power locks, power windows, power mirrors, air conditioning/heating, 6 disc changer, on-star, xm radio, am/fm radio, , AWESOME on gas mileage: 21 city/28 highway. 6 cylinder, 3.8 L.

polo green metallic, 89,000 miles. Non-Smoker. Runs like it's brand new.

i have to sell this car ASAP! please leave a comment or email me at if you are interested.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

huh? what? WHAAAAT?

i'm in shock right now. this is just a very horribly horribly sad day. i thought i would have something to say but i'm almost speechless.

the king of pop? WHAT? it's so surreal. this whole day has felt like a dream. i must sound like a nut seeing as how i obviously never knew farrah fawcett or michael jackson but when they are in the public eye it's almost as if we all know them in some way. they were both incredible artists in their respective businesses and will be very sadly missed.

what a tragic day. rest in peace farrah and michael.

heaven gets another "angel"

farrah fawcett died today and i'm very sad. i loved her. when i was in college i went through an "obsessed with charlie's angels" phase and i just loved her. she was my favorite and cheryl ladd just never quite cut it lol!

they say (i don't know who "they" is) but "they" say that death happens in 3's so when i heard that ed mcmahon died the other day my very first thought was farrah! i feel guilty for saying it out loud so i'm not going to say out loud who my first thought was when i read that farrah died. (because clearly i have so much influence on that sort of thing... NOT)

my thoughts and prayers are with farrah and her family and friends. so sad!